DIY-Crackle Finish

The current trend is to have your new possessions not look new, but rather give the impression they have  “been through the ringer” a couple times. One effect that can achieve this look is called the Crackle Finish. This technique is perfect for furniture and hardwood items. There are, of course, things you can buy that create a crackle in the paint, but this method is not only a little faster and quite a bit cheaper, it delivers the exact same result! The only things you need are two different colors of paint and some Elmer’s Glue (the Elmer’s website recommends Elmer’s Wood Glue, but the regular white glue works just as well).

STEP 1) Paint the piece with the first color (basecoat), and let it dry thoroughly.

STEP 2) Brush on a coating of Elmer’s Glue. If you would like larger crack showing the basecoat, use larger quantities of glue, yet if you would like smaller, finer cracks, you’ll want to use a thin coating of Elmer’s.


STEP 3) While the glue is still tacky and sticky, brush on the other color of paint (topcoat). Do NOT wait for the glue to completely dry! If you do, the only effect you’ll have on your table is a somewhat bumpy topcoat.

STEP 4) Let the topcoat dry completely.

STEP 5) Enjoy your new/old-looking piece of furniture.

You may be asking- What colors should I use? That is a wonderful question, and it is completely up to you. It depends on the effect you would like to create; if you would like to make something bold, possibly use a red basecoat with a black topcoat. If you would like a more natural, and more subtle, appearance, use a Mint Green basecoat with an Off White topcoat. This is where you get to use your creativity, and HAVE FUN!


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