Primer Not Sticking? Don’t Worry.


Did you paint an antique dresser, making it look new and beautiful, only to see that the primer is chipping the next day?  Don’t worry- it’s not the end of the world, and you don’t need to sand off ALL of the hard work you did, and start over; you just need to be patient.

Of course, clearing the surface of dirt, chipped paint, grime, oil, etc. will help the primer stick to the surface of the furniture (you can even sand it down with 80-100 grit sandpaper to ensure the surface is clean of debris).  But once you have a smooth, clean surface, you can apply your coat(s) of primer.

You get up the next day, eager to see your beautiful work, when you notice the paint chipping, cracking, and peeling off like a sticker; what do you do?  As stated before, you only need to be patient.  Even though it does state on the product information that it takes around 40 minutes for it to dry enough for it to be touched, it takes about seven days to fully harden. If you do find that the primer is chipping, or peeling, simply fix that little area, instead of re-doing everything.

Did you say a WEEK?  Yes, it does take a week, but don’t worry- you don’t have to wait a week before applying a second coat.  Usually the primer is ready for that next coat in about an hour, and will continue to harden even though there are globs of paint on top of it.

See- it’s simple, and nothing to panic over.


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